Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Hilariously Skewers Trump and the Wacky Conventions

Robert Smigel’s Emmy-nominated (!) creation is back with Hulu’s’ Triumph’s Summer Election Special .’ He chats with The Daily Beast about the politics of comedy and vice versa. “>

The last time Smigel andI talked back in March

Now, the production budget is a little bigger for the second one, Triumphs Summer Election Special, where Smigel and his puppy puppet say ruthlessly revolting and true things directly to the faces of everyone from Don Lemon to Donald Trump supporters.

No more beard-to-mic problems this time. Now he has a tank. An actual goddamn tank. And he use it to drive through a predominantly black neighborhood near Cleveland to pretend to be Donald Trump, where he hollers from a megaphone and only makes a single appendage visible.

Look at his tiny hand! one of the residents yells.

There are a lot more gags than that. Theres a horrifying, soon-to-be-viral real-life focus group of Trump supporters watching Smigel-made Trump campaign ads that float new policy postures, like a vending machine for handguns in every single one of Americas womens bathrooms.( Thats real! Every aspect of it !) Theres a Hamilton charade with a black Benjamin Franklin impersonator that might be the squirmiest, funniest 90 seconds of Triumphs entire career, even though hes scarcely in the shot.

[ youtube https :// watch? v= 6MubunsD-7g? fs= 1& wmode =op aque& showinfo= 0& enablejsapi= 1& playsinline= 0& autoplay= 0]

But the summer special might be even better than the first one, if just for this one joke: Ivanka is home with the baby because its very difficult to breastfeed when your father is trying to videotape you.

Its the gutsiest political humor of 2016. And Smigel told The Daily Beast hes shocked by the Emmy nombut that it was also quietly well over a decade in the making.

Daily Beast: Well, damn, this one is just as funny as the first one.

Robert Smigel( voice of Triumph ): This is what Triumph has to offer. The only reason I wanted to get into the political thing was because I dont think anybody else was telling things to their faces. With a lot of people, this is something a little different. I liked the idea that Triumph is apolitical and above it. He likes to shit on both sides equally. Its hard sometimes, since Trump get funnier and funnier.

Yeah, it seems like extremists are becoming even more extreme earlier in the cycle than they ever have.

Extremists are very funny, if you only approach it from a comedy place. Extremists are funny from both sides if youre only willing to look for it. Like the kids in New Hampshire[ from the first special, where Triumph built college students squirm when confronted with their own safe space guidelines ], or the most fanatic Ted Cruz supporters. The truth is, Im more scared of[ fanatic Cruz supporters] than the Trump supporters. They appeal to the center to maintain power, so theyre funny in their own route. You have divorce yourself from it. I only want Triumph to be funny.

This one seemed harder because everyone on the convention floorespecially, to their credit, Republican delegateswanted to be made fun of by Triumph.

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