The Netherlands Rip On Donald Trump With A HIGHlarious, Trump-Themed Viral Video Introduction To The Small Country!

Donald Trump ‘s promise to set “America First” may sound attractive to Americans( well, those who don’t give a shit about the environment) — but the nationalist approach is devoting smaller countries reason to panic! And because The Netherlands is one of those countries that depends on the U.S ., they thought they’d introduce themselves to President Tiny Hands in a manner that is he can truly pertain: a cheesy, ego-stroking tourism video. In a now-viral video from Dutch comedy show Zondag fulfilled Lubach , the tiny country requests that the Commander-in-Chief puts “the Netherlands second” — and devotes a hilarious sales pitch on why they think the country is right up Trump’s alley. Video: Chelsea Handler Slammed For Telling Melania Trump ‘Can Barely Speak English’ ! Not only are their parks easy to fill, but they actually have a massive wall that, the Trump-sounding narrator quips, “we built to protect us from all the water from Mexico.” What are the odd! Aside from a pristine pony park where the orange POTUS can “grab ’em by the pony, ” Trump would also enjoy the country’s horribly racist “Black Pete” Christmas tradition, where participants don blackface to portray Santa’s dark-skinned deputy, Black Pete. Or as the narrator set it:

Ha! While this video is clearly making fun of the new chairwoman, we wouldn’t be surprised if he shared the piece of satire on Twitter and told his supporters how pathetic countries were already trying to suck up to him. Ch-ch-check out the funny clip for yourself( below )! [ youtube https :// watch? v= ELD2AwFN 9Nc] [ Image via WENN/ YouTube .] Read more:

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