Taiwanese Couple Brilliantly Parody The Instagram Famous ‘#FollowMeTo’ Photos

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We all love to make fun of fancy Instagram accounts for being too try-hard, even though deep down we kind of wish we had thousands of followers and amazing pictures of scenery from around the world… right? Or is that just me?

One fancy-schmancy Instagram account that most people have heard of is the one that shows a man being lead around the world by his extremely attractive wife, and people love it because they wish it was them.

Forrest Lu and Agnes Chien were definitely inspired, and decided to have a go while holidaying in Hawaii from their native Taiwan.

Unlike the original shots which show a woman lovingly holding her husband’s hand and leading him around, Ms Chien took a slightly more realistic approach…

It may not be as aesthetically pleasing but it sure is relatable…


There we go, out are the whimsical posed photos and in are these realistic beauties.

You should definitely recreate these ones instead! #inspo.

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