Swedish Politicians Troll Trump Administration While Signing Climate Change Law

Swedish Deputy Prime Minister and Climate Minister Isabella Lvin posted a striking photo on her Facebook account on Friday.

The image shows Lvin signing a law that will require the government to be tougher on fossil fuel usage, with the ultimate goal of phasing out fossil fuels by 2045. And in the photo, Lvin is surrounded by seven other women.

Look familiar?

In his third day in office on January 23, President Donald Trump didnt just sign an anti-abortion executive order he signed it surrounded by a group of men. (It certainly wasnot the first image of its kind in U.S. history, but it was quite striking.)

Bloomberg via Getty Images
Shortly after the image of President Trump circulated, French feminist group 52, created their own parody image of would-be President Hillary Clinton signing legislation about mens reproductive rights surrounded by other women.

Breaking News, the caption of their image reads. Ejaculation for anything other than procreation is now forbidden in the U.S.

The photo Lvin posted is equally as entertaining and totally real.

Clarification: This has been updated to include Lvins full title.

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