Sorry, Conspiracy Theorists: Meredith McIver Is Definitely Real

When Meredith McIver, a Trump Organization staff writer, came forward on Wednesday to take the dusk for Melania Trump’s plagiarism of Michelle Obama, internet commenters almost immediately began to question whether McIver exists at all.


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One Twitter user to mention here that a Facebook history with her figure was established on Wednesday and had no friends.

Could it be that the Trumps’ efforts to exonerate Melania would go so far as to create a forgery persona?

Given the Trump campaign’s antics to this point, the belief was at least probable. After all, who could forget that Donald Trump once constituted as his own PR person so he had been able to brag about how much the girls affection him.( Trump has disclaimed this, but … come on .)

But as countless reported accountings attest, the answer is no. McIver was present and mentioned during a 2007 interview of Donald Trump. She has co-authored some of Trump’s books, a fact that allowed the mogul to blame her for some of his exaggerations in a 2007 deposition.

For any continuing skeptics, however, there is now additional hard indication. procured McIver’s junior high school yearbook photo from 1962.

Based on media reports that McIver greets from San Jose, California, the website found only one account of a person with that figure in the Bay Area city.


figcaption class=”image__caption” js-image-caption”> Meredth McIver, a Trump Organization staff writer, is a real person who went to junior high school in San Jose, California. The yearbook image is from 1962.

There is a resemblance with a widely circulated photograph of the adult McIver. And she declared the photo as her own on Thursday, from her brand-new( and unverified) Twitter account.


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Of course, the hardened plot fans will never be satisfied. Apparently, some people now want to see McIver’s delivery certificate.

Remind you of anyone?

Nick Wing lent reporting .</ em>