SNL Trolls Trump, Imagining the World Through Donalds Eyes

The late-night sketchy comedy show gave Alec Baldwin a night off this week, instead giving a first-person view of the way tiny-handed Trump sees the world. “>

Any time NBCs late-night comedy program Saturday Night Live parodies President-elect Donald Trump, it bears mentioning that the network is planning to keep him on their payroll while he serves in the Oval Office, allowing him to stay on as executive producer and profit participant of their reality competition series The Apprentice. They also allowed Trump to host SNL during his presidential campaign, normalizing a hateful candidate and forever ruining the Drake ballad Hotline Bling all for the sake of ratings.

Its just a little something to keep in mind every time you applaud how edgy and subversive theyre being in tackling the president-elect.

That being said, SNL did manage to air one of their funnier Trump parody sketches this week. Titled Through Donalds Eyes, it provided a first-person look at how Trump sees the worldfrom his all-gold-everything apartment, of course. Trump watches Fox News kissing his behind, marvels at his toadying yes men and women, eats taco bowls and sips champagne, and looks in the mirror to see a big-handed John Cena, the chiseled WWE wrestler who hosted this week (in real life, Trump is nearly as delusional, alleging he sees a 35-year-old man when he looks in the mirror).

The sketch also depicted Trump seeing red after getting criticized by a Hollywood beauty queen on air, taking his tiny hands to Twitter to criticize the stupid media. As you probably recall, President-elect Trump took time out of his busy schedule of ignoring intelligence reports and cozying up to Russia to criticize SNL on Twitter, tweeting out the following:

SNL listened, and now appears to be returning the favortrolling Trump. Wonder what the short-fingered vulgarian will tweet about this one.

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