Reggie Watts Looks Like Jerry Seinfeld, According to Reggie Watts

Comedian. Late Late Show with James Corden bandleader. Virtual reality early adopter. Reggie Watts wears a lot of hats. But the things most people know about him are just a sliver of who he is.

Like, for example, did you know that Watts speaks French, some German, a little bit of Spanish, and some gibberish? Its true. Also, hes not married. And his hair is real. And he looks like Jerry Seinfeld.

“I get Antonio Banderas a lot,” Watts says when asked who he most resembles. “Also, Seinfeld, when I’m cleanly shoven [sic] and I’m on stage under the right lighting conditions.”

Dont believe us? Check out WIREDs autocomplete interview with Watts above. He lays it all out right there.

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