Mom Thinks Sink Is Leaking, But Flips Out When Her Son Tells Her To Look Inside It

A harmless prank every once in a while doesn’t hurt anyone, peculiarly if it’s done to a family member. After all, that person is basically adhered with you!

But while you’re intriguing up new ideas, be ensured that you and everyone else involved isn’t at risk of chance — just like this man would have been if his planned prank had actually happened.

On a video announced January 17, 2017, we accompany a son frisking a nice epic pun on his very own mother. John Coen told his mom quite abruptly that there was a “leak” in the drop, so she immediately began to search underneath it to find the problem.

As Coen stopped talking about the “leak,” Mom was in skepticism that she couldn’t find it anywhere.

Then Mom went up and checked out the drop from above, still not understanding what Coen was talking about.

That’s when he plucked the punchline:” Would you look at the leek in your drop ?” he did, picking up the green vegetable and directing his mom’s attention to it.

I’m surprised he didn’t run away right then there are still, because she instantly made a shake at him with it and then violated it in half once she recognized what had happened. One thing’s for sure: her “sons ” went her good, and on camera as well!

However, it truly was all in good humor.

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