Mom Says She Wrote A Book, But Daughter Is Shocked By Its Sexy Love Scenes

Writing a notebook is a huge accomplishment, but writing one at 86 years old, is certainly something to be exalted. Salt Lake City great-grandmother Georgia Gorringe decided to pen a very steamy romance tale that positions Fifty Shade of Grey to shame.

” I’ve done something I shouldn’t have done ,” Georgia joked.

Georgia’s daughter, Bobbie, was outraged by the graphic material. After all, most daughters aren’t clued into their mothers’ wild resources fairly like this, especially written out on the page.

” The first reaction was,’ Mother !'” Bobbie pronounced, eventually becoming encouraging.” I told her that copulation and food sells, so mother, read Fifty Shades of Grey .”

While there won’t be a sequel to her racy love story, Georgia does plan on writing a children’s notebook next. Hey, people have a multitude of talents.

” And that would really has become a substitution from the bad to the good ,” Georgia quipped.

Who better to know about the ins and outs of romance, than an 86 -year-old grandma with a life well lived? Based on Georgia’s wicked sense of humour, we have a feeling this one is going to be a affected at quite a few notebook clubs.

What do you think of Georgia’s brand-new job? Would you be as encouraging as Bobbie if she were your momma? Make us know in the comments.

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