Matt Groening: Donald Trump candidacy has gone ‘beyond satire’

Through ‘The Simpsons, ‘ Groening predicted that Donald Trump would be president of the future back in 2000. He just didn’t think it would be a legit possibility .
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Two more females came forward with allegations of sex misconduct against Donald Trump Thursday, and people across the globe seem to be condemning the Republican nominee from Australian legislators calling him a “revolting slug In fact, Groening believes a Trump victory would lead to “an exodus of people” from the country. Cue the “I’m moving to Canada” tweets. The Simpsons creator will be coming to the Sydney Opera House in November for the Graphic Festival, and in a dialogue with fellow comic artist First Dog on the Moon at The Guardian , he didn’t hold back on sharing his thoughts about the Republican nominee.

“We predicted that he would be president back in 2000 but[ Trump] was of course the most absurd placeholder joke name that we could think of at the time, and that’s still true. It’s beyond satire, ” he said in reference to the “Bart to the Future” episode of the series. He continued: “We did one online piece of animation when Trump announced his candidacy, when he was going down the escalator we had Homer actually follow him on the escalator and we went into a fantasy of what was happening inside Trump’s hair. But we’ve been trying to figure out how to do more and it’s really hard.”

Groening isn’t taking the possibility of Trump being elected president very seriously however, saying he “doubts highly” that it will happen. However if it does, he ensure a silver lining. “I think we’ll abruptly be very inspired. Mr Trump’s election, as horrible as it would be, would be great for comedy as comedians always tell ” Considering the race to the White House through an absurdist lens is a fairly logical approach at this point, Groening tells. He sees the present “name calling and triviality” of U.S. politics as possibly symptomatic of a longterm decline in the quality of public discourse and debate. “One of the things that occurs to me is the sober writing of political history is impossible for this election. When historians are used to describe this election, after all of the other presidents, it’s the worst. Just quoting from it would be like a clown present, ” he told. “It’s only the most amazing thing. And I’m hopeful that this is just an aberration but I don’t think it will be. There’s a certain lack of civility and common sense, a complete exaggeration of name calling and triviality[ that] is just astounding. And it may be here to stay. We shall see.” A Trump win may mean a bleak future, but Groening seems various kinds of keen to watch the chaos unfold. “If Trump wins there will be an exodus of people. I won’t[ leave the U.S .] because I actually think it will be amazing in all its horror.”

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