Japan’s pineapple pen song goes highbrow with Kabuki makeover

(CNN)Remember that Japanese comedian who set the internet on fire with a song about a pineapple apple pen?

Now Piko Taro, the leopard print-clad singer endorsed by the likes of Justin Bieber and MIA is back — albeit in a more old-school guise.
    Japan’s National Theatre — better known for puppet shows and traditional drama Kabuki — has taken inspiration from Piko Taro’s viral YouTube clip PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen).
    They’ve come up with their own PPAP parody — PNSP (Pen-Nurisampo-Sampo-Pen) in a bid to revive interest in traditional Japanese arts.
    And their video’s racked up more than 1.7 million views in the space of four days.

    ‘Jam session’

    In the parody, a group of elite Japanese musicians clad in formal outfits re-imagine Piko Taro’s song with the help of Kurogo-chan, the theater’s stagehand mascot.


    YouTube commentator Punie Tanaka suggested that even though people nowadays consider Kabuki as a formal, highbrow art, in reality, it had been created to amuse people.
    “In some ways (the National Theatre’s clip) marks a return to Kabuki’s original light-hearted ways,” wrote Punie.
    Kirita told CNN that as young people in Japan had less interest in the traditional arts, the National Theatre had wanted to try something new and out-of-character to stay relevant.
    “(Piko Taro’s) a household name in Japan. Even my three-year-old knows about him,” said Kirita.

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