Is this Sombra? ‘Overwatch’ fans discover leaked Blizzard art

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Is this the appearance of Sombra, the long-rumored next protagonist coming to Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch listing?

The image was apparently discovered on Monday night in an accidental Blizzard online store listing. The filename listed in the url includes the extremely telling phrase, “sombrafineart.”

The image was eventually removed, but not fast enough for the internet.

While it’s true that this might not be Sombra, the evidence is hard to feud. The original JPG filename alone is the closest you can get to confirmation without Blizzard actually replying “Ok fine, you got us. Meet Sombra.”

The art too endures a stunning affinity to the woman featured in an persona that was part of a larger leak in early October. It was the same spill that outed the existence of an Overwatch Halloween occasion, which turned out to be true.

The earlier spill included the documents that uncovered Sombra to be a “notorious hacker” who had once worked with the Los Muertos gang in Mexico. All of which comply with the little we know of the character so far from the long-running ARG that has seemingly been building up to a formal reveal.

On top of everything else: the newly spilt Sombra image endures the signature of John Polidora, one of Blizzard’s talented concept artists. You can see the full explanation below.

Whoever this mysterious woman is( spoiler alarm: it’s totally Sombra ), you can expect a reveal soon. Blizzard’s annual Blizzcon fan and esports event kickings off on Friday, and the developer usually has large-scale discloses to share at the show.

What’s more, a fictional word berth on the Overwatch website refers to the unveiling of a nuclear plant in Dorado one of the game’s planned orientations on Nov. 1. It’s hard to imagine Blizzard running with a full Sombra reveal before Blizzcon, but we could be hours from the first, official tease.

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