‘I don’t feel at home in this world anymore’ is like a Coen brothers film, but darker

Inhis directorial debut, Macon Blair cooks up a world full of assholes. Ruth, a rehab harbour, lives softly among them in I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore until a residence break-in propagandizes her over the edge.

And Melanie Lynskey (< em> Togetherness ) glows equally as outcast Ruth and the full-charging vigilante she becomes as she hunts down her thief. Her achievement will have you springing for the good-girl-gone-bad, and by the time this comedy takes a rotate for the dark side, you’re ready for the ride.

She clocks an old-time relic salesman in the look, and you are still on her side. The move can get real goofy, but that’s part of the charm.

“I wanted to do a crime movie but didn’t want it to be a bummer violation movie, ” Blair, known on the indie background for his role in Blue Ruin , said during a Q& A at a Sundance Film Festival screening.

The movie can diverge into bummer country as it shows a reflect to our worst egoes, but such relationships that blossoms between Ruth and her neighbour Tony, who becomes her marriage in sought for justice, has a warmththat cuts through the darkness. Tony, played by Elijah Wood, is a metal-loving martial arts wannabe with a rat tush who pronounces a little petition before flogging out a ninja star.

So yeah, far from Frodo.

Ruth and Tony get in over their thoughts and the movie will be even darker. It’s reminiscent of Coen brethren comedies, whether there were times when Blair’s well-paced floor starts to wobble.

Bottom line: “I don’t appear at home in this world anymore, ” is entertaining if you like dark feeling, and as a bonus, itwill turn you into Lynskey’s number one fan.

Youwon’t have to wait long to visualize the movieat home. It airs on Netflix starting Feb. 24.

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