Handyman Pleads Guilty To Dismembering Pregnant Food Network Star Contestant & Her Husband

At least this monster will never see the outside world again.

Robert Jason Owens plead guilty to the murders of Cristie Schoen Todd, her husband, JT Todd, and their unborn child, Skylar, on Thursday, bringing an end to the case of what local authorities called “the most disturbing killings in Buncombe County history.”

As part of a plea deal to

District Attorney Todd Williams laments:

“Because there are no surviving witnesses and Jason Owens had exclusive control of the crime scene for several days, and he had nearly completed the gruesome project of cremating his victims’ remains, we will never know many of the facts surrounding the Codds’ deaths.”


As part of his bargain, Owens not only admitted to murdering the couple but also addressed the victims’ families directly in court, saying:

“I want you to know that I am sincerely sorry for the loss of your loved ones and the pain and suffering it’s caused you.”

Owens is facing from 59.5 to 74.5 years in prison, which as D.A. Williams puts it, is “tantamount to a sentence of death in prison.”

We hope this gives the Codds’ families some closure — but we can’t imagine anything ever will.

[Image via Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook.]

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