Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo now consulting on HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’

FormerTwitter CEO Dick Costolois doing pretty well after leaving the company in June. The tech executive is now in the writers’ room at HBO‘s Silicon Valley . Costolo has reportedly been spending several days each week in the writers’ room of the Silicon Valley satire seriesnow in its third seasonalthough his role is more consultant than novelist. “I’manswering questions and describing how interactions would work between executives, VCs, employees, etc ., ” he told Bloomberg. Show creator Mike Judge added that Costolo served as a barometer of sorts for the writers’ ideas and that he fits in because he used to do improv slapstick. In fact, Costolo attributedimprov’s “Yes, and” mentality to helping him in the corporate world. Silicon Valley is known for bring back real experts to help them develop plausible storylines. For season 1’s elaborated dick joke, the staff consulted with real Stanford researchers to ensure accuracy. It now appears that the guys from Silicon Valley aren’t too keenon Google‘s new Brotli compression algorithm, which seems a little too similar to the one created in season 1 by Thomas Middleditch’s character. We reek a new plotline. Twitter namedJack Dorseyinterim CEO in June, after Costolo left, and earlier this week, the company stimulated his rolepermanent. H/ T Bloomberg | Photo via University of Michigan’s Ford School/ Flickr( CC BY ND 2.0 ) Read more:

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