Face it: You’re gonna miss President Obama’s comedy

(CNN)Well, I’ll be. Who’d have thought it’d take another black comedian to make white people feel more comfortable about having a black president around them?

We kid, because we care. But do we exaggerate?
    If the immediate reaction to the dueling African-American jokesmiths at Saturday night’s 2016 White House Correspondents’ Dinner is any indication, Barack Obama scored higher with the movers, shakers and screen stars in the Washington Hilton ballroom than this year’s host, Larry Wilmore, who presides over Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show.”
    The second reaction: Take a picture, because we won’t be seeing this kind of high-quality presidential comedy again anytime soon.



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    All told, it was good, but not great Obama shtick, though he’d already set a pretty high bar, especially after last year’s impeccably wrought tandem of the President and comic Keegan Michael-Key as Obama’s “real self.”
    This year’s filmed routine with guest stars Joe Biden, Michelle Obama and John Boehner helping Obama cope with life after the presidency had its moments, but has been done much better. (Ever see the episode of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” where POTUS is riding in a car with Jerry Seinfeld?)
    Yet, if you’ve watched Clinton, Trump, Sanders or anybody else out there slogging through what’s left of the primaries, you and I know we’re not going to see anybody pull ANY of these things off better than he does.
    We can see Larry Wilmore be trenchant and sardonic any night of the week. But after next January, we’ll never see this guy work a room like this again. And whatever else you may think about him, you’ve got to find that a bit of a drag.

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