Essena O’Neill, famous for quitting social media, returns with revealing message

Last time we heard from Essena ONeill two months ago, she announced in an emotional YouTube video that she was done with social media and schemed on creating a new site called Lets Be Game Changers, where shed share her true ego. Now shes back with a newsletter

Social media was my full day undertaking and took up majority of my life. I would spend eight hours a day photographing, styling, editing, filming, scrolling Receiving people with similar passions was incredible feeing out for free, every little moment could be a perfect candid snap or silly vlog, wed talking here my nonstop boy problems, and bitch about other youtubers/ instgaramers that I knew personally. That was my life. Constant shoots, photos, editing and an artificial smile. I am not one bit proud of my actions, if thats not already clear .

In the wake of her video, fellow social media influencers took to their own channels to criticize ONeill. Identical twins Nina and Randa made a video of their own picking apart what ONeill said and claiming to have the real tale of the young Australian who remained with them while she was visiting L.A. One vlogger, a vegan like ONeill, posted a video

I never in a million years guessed these people would turn around and publicly dislike me.

Having people you shared so much with do that well it left me weeping myself to sleep. It left me sitting in my room never wanting to leave.

I felt like dying.

There I said it .

She tells she felt like screaming, DO YOU ALL JUST WANT ME TO KILL MYSELF? Are gonna die? AM I THAT HORRIBLE? WHAT HAVE I DONE REALLY DONE TO YOU? She also says shes received death threats and been accused as an attention seeking whore. As for Lets Be Game Changers, ONeill tells it is no more. I took down the site 3 weeks ago simply because I only couldnt be on the Internet. It felt toxic. It got to the point where I just wanted to write, the irony/ memoir that Im currently working on

She took the many donations to the budding site and devoted them to three charitable organisations, including the Animal Foundation of Florida, the Megan Meier Foundation and the Fred Hollows Foundation. I believe that fund is now in the hands of those who are going to make real positive change in our society, she writes.

While this may be her last public communication for a while, she assures fans that the next time you hear from me, Ill be standing stronger than I could have ever stood before. She writes that time heals, but will it be enough to heal the scars made by fellow social media stars? H/ T Time | Screengrab via The Vegan Reviewer

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