Dad Tells His Son A Terrible Joke, Then Baby Boy Erupts In Hysterical Tears

Dad puns: there’s not much to say about them other than that they’re pretty bad. Some are so bad that they’re actually funny, if that making such a smell. These cheesy puns elicited all sorts of reactions from the individuals who hear them.

It’s safe to say that this little babe does not share a sense of humor with his father.

One day, this daddy decided to be entertaining with his son, Miles, and tell him one of his favorite daddy jokes.

” Hey, want to hear a farce ?” he questioned his babe boy.” What do you call a deer with no looks ?”

The little guy waited about two seconds before his daddy made him in on the punch line.

” I have no i-deer !” the leader announced.

Suddenly, Miles went silent. He backed into his chair away from his daddy and let out a tiny babe murmured up toward the ceiling.

” Was it that bad ?” “his fathers” asked.

In the split second, Miles’ cheek curdled beet scarlet and he began to cry.

” Okay , no deer ,” the daddy supposed, trying to calm down his sobbing son.” Tears run , no more deer farce .” He tickled Miles’ tummy.

After Mom attached Dad to comfort Miles from behind the camera, all is peaceful again.

Miles gave his forehead up against his father’s as he find more and more relaxed.

” Aw, Bugaboo ,” his daddy smiled. Then he did the unthinkable. He said the farce again.

Immediately, Miles spewed in tears and screams.

Moral of the floor: don’t tell children dad puns — or perhaps simply don’t tell them this one.

Have you heard any daddy puns that formed you want to cry? Let us know in specific comments below and please don’t forgotten to SHARE Miles’ action!

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