An In-Depth Analysis Of Ruby Rose And Halsey’s Possible Relationship( Photos)

In the celebrity world, you know a lot of sh* t has gone down. From Zayn Malik leaving 1D, to Adele releasing her new album( and inducing our entire population sobbing uncontrollably ), it’s been quite the emotional roller coaster . Well, guys, 2015 isn’t over yet. There’s still a week left for celebrities to construct 2015 a year to remember and construct fans freak the f* ck out about steamy gossip being thrown their way. That’s why when I heard Ruby Rose and Halsey went on a date, I lost my f cking sh t. Apparently, the two went out to lunch the other day and saw a movie together. UMMM, so yeah, you know what my mind’s reasoning.

Both of these women on their own are absolutely stunning, so together … that’s just like, way too much hotness going on. Nope, I just can’t handle it. Are Ruby and Halsey … dating? Are they in love? COULD THEY, DESPITE JUST GOING ON THEIR FIRST DATE LIKE A DAY AGO, BECOME THE COUPLE OF THE YEAR? I have no clue. Let’s analyze this sh* t.

Let’s take a nice, close look at these pics of Ruby and Halsey ordering lunch.

Hmmm, yes, look at the way Ruby is biting her lip. Appear at the way Halsey is gazing off into the abyssacting casual AF, like she’s not standing with the love of her life.

Come closer. Really take it all in. Appear at them both doingeverything they maybe can to contain themselves.

Think about the secrets hiding behind those half-smiles. Phoebe, who?

Look at how close their bodies are standing as they walk together.

THEIR FREAKING ELBOWS ARE PRACTICALLY TOUCHING.These are basically engagement photos.

Wait, they’re def engaged. It’s the only logical explanation.

Why else would Ruby be reaching into her pocket? SHOW US THE RING, RUBY. SHOW US !!

After a thorough investigation and in-depth analysis, I think it’s only fair to say Ruby and Halsey are dating.

Congrats, you guys. So very happy for you! XOXO. Case shut.( Before you kill me, check the facts .) Are in favour of Elite Dailys official newsletter, The Edge, for more tales you don’t want to miss . Read more:

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