A Batman for the real world: is Casey Affleck’s Villain the superhero we deserve?

For a reminder of superheroes roots in the hard-boiled pulp fiction of the 1920 s and 30 s, you only need to watch one of Netflixs depicts about street level heroes such as Luke Cage, Jessica Jones or Daredevil. Costumes are often dispensed with, central characters sometimes struggle to pay the rent, and powers are downgraded to a level where theyre suitable only for protecting the streets of Manhattan rather than taking on alien invaders and all-powerful AI supervillains. But on the big screen, with the honourable exception of upcoming Marvel movie Spider-Man: Homecoming, the genre is becoming ever more outlandish and fantastical as studios battle to make ever-more grandiose levels of epic spectacle in a sort of superhero limbs race. Not so long ago, Protector of the Galaxy opened up the Marvel universe to a revolutionary shift into outrageous space opera, while current offering Doctor Strange introduces us to an entirely new world of magical and mystic entities across multiple head-spinning dimensions. Meanwhile, the DC expanded universe seems to have reached peak crazy with far-out rogues such as Suicide Squads Enchantress, a gyrating ancient sorceress bent on taking over the world, and Batman v Superman: Sunrise of Justices Doomsday, a monster zombie alien beast formed from the dead body of General Zod lovingly infused with Lex Luthors DNA.

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